What’s better for growers: Clones or seeds?

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Watching your plants grow from little shoots and seeing their newly unfurling leaves is a rewarding process. 

Planting a seed or a small plant and caring for it until it’s fully grown and ready to decorate your garden, or even to harvest and eat, is a challenging and exciting feat. But what if you’re set up for failure from the get go? Making sure that you are starting off with the best option, whether it’s a plant or seed, is an important factor in the final product, no matter how dedicated you are to nurturing your plants. 

Good quality fertilizer can not make up for an unhealthy, genetically disadvantaged seed. 

There are two main types of starting points for growing plants. Seeds and shoots. What are they? How do they grow? What are the differences between them and which is best?

Pros and cons of growing from seeds

Growing a plant from a seed means that you will be nurturing your plant from the very start of the process. 

A seed, in order to grow into a plant, must germinate and shoot.This is where the seed takes in the water and oxygen it needs in order for a baby root to be released. 

This can then be planted and grown in the proper nutrient solution which can be absorbed by this new sprout. 


● Seeds are a cheaper option than clones. This is because you are not paying for the resources or labor of having to grow the seed into a plant to then sell. You do it all yourself! This is beneficial if you are on a budget. You can then source the best nutrients and resources yourself for whatever price range suits you. 

● Seeds mean that you can grow plants organically if you want. Plants grown from clones could potentially be grown with harmful chemicals and pesticides that would result in your plants not being organic even if you continue growing them with organic alternatives. 

● There is undoubtedly a satisfaction from seeing seeds germinate and nurturing them into a full grown up plant right from the beginning. With other start options you don’t get to experience the excitement and pride of watching your plant sprout for the first time. 

● You can ensure the quality of your plant. You know exactly what has been fed to a certain plant, for how long and in what quantities. This means that you can cater the plant exactly to your needs. 

● Growing plants from seeds means that they are grown and become used to their natural environment. This means that there is no risk of shock leading to reduced growth rate or even death of your plant when being replanted or put into a hydroponics system. 

Additionally, they can not bring along their infections or diseases into your growing system from a different environment.

What if you grow from clones?

Clones are parts of a plant that have been taken from a parent plant in forder to make it into its own plant. This is a great way to reproduce plants and in some cases can be cheaper if being taken from plants which you already own. 

It is most commonly done by taking a cutting of a plant and propagating it or replanting it separately, ideally in a humid environment. 


● Using clones means that the plant that you grow will be genetically identical to the parent plant. This means that you won’t grow plants with unexpected genetic anomalies that affect the plants quality or their growing capabilities. 

You know that your plant will grow exactly like the plant that it has come from and will have the exact same specifications in terms of optimum resources. 


● There is no chance thet seeds won’t grow. There’s always a possibility with buying seeds that some won’t germinate at all. That means that money is wasted, and resources are wasted. Using clones you are getting plants that have already survived the first stages of life and are also much more likely to continue to grow further into the process. 


● Most of the beginning process has already been done. This means that you won’t have to wait as long to actually harvest the resources you are growing. The beginning stages of waiting for a seed to grow can be nerve wracking. 

By using plant clones you don’t have to wait for leaves to grow, they’re already there! You’re already one step closer to the fruit ripening, the flowers blossoming or the vegetables getting big enough to pluck.

What are the best places to buy seeds?

Decided on seeds? Great! There are so many benefits to gardening and farming using seeds in your soil or hydroponics systems. Make sure you’re not overpaying when you’re getting started by shopping through Diybloom.com. 

Here are some great tools and resources that can help you along with your plant growing journey:

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These non-toxic seed starter pods are simple to use and compatible with a huge variety of seeds. They work by facilitating a moist environment for seeds to germinate making germination rates much higher.

Chemboys deionized water – This chemical is great for sterilizing seeds. It doesn’t contain impurities or nasty additives that you might otherwise use for growing your plants from seeds. 

Chemboys Humic liquid – 

This chemical is completely environmentally friendly. It can be applied to seedlings to boost yields and growth rates. It also prevents diseases.

 All very important properties when growing your plants. All in all, growing plants from seeds is the best way to have complete control over your plant growing practices. There are plenty of practices to consider when growing your seeds in soil or in hydroponics systems and Diybloom can help. 

There are plenty of tools, chemicals and equipment for you to browse to aid you in the exciting process of plant growing. With a diverse range of products there are plenty of things for you to consider and plenty of options to find what works best for you. Get planting and good luck!